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Care guide for waterproof and breathable membrane garments

Good care and maintenance of a waterproof and breathable membrane garment is vital to keep it performing as well as it did on the first day and to extend its lifespan considerably. Find in that post interesting advice to take into account.

FAST&LIGHT: «The concept»

The colleagues from Kissthemountain Magazine ( analyzed and described what the «Fast&light» concept consists of, which, contrary to what many believe, is not an invention of recent years. In addition, they stand out OS2O, as a brand that bets on clothes made following this philosophy and with characteristics to all types of audiences and needs. Thank you for this great work of research and dissemination of our effort.

Detalles que marcan diferencias: los termosellados

La empresa japonesa YKK, fabricante de las mejores cremalleras del mercado tiene un slogan muy acertado: Little parts, big difference (pequeños componentes, grandes diferencias). Otro componente al que hay que prestar atención a la hora de adquirir una prenda impermeable-transpirable: los termosellados.