Etiqueta: down jackets

Quality Standards for Down

Is it efficient for a down jacket to be made only of feathers? What percentage of down is appropriate? Does the color of the feather matter in its quality? the OS2O TEAM, thanks to the legacy of our dear Oswaldo, who was an expert in the development of technical clothing for high mountains, reveals these and other «secrets» of down clothing in this interesting post.

OS2O jackets with high-performance down fill: a comparison

With the arrival of the cold, we have doubts about what is the most correct garment to carry out our Alpine activities. Oswaldo Rivera, from the OS2O TEAM and an expert in the development of high-mountain technical garments, explains how each of the factors that characterize a down-filled jacket interacts. With this comparison between the Turbulence 850FP and the Nebulæ 850FP, the doubts about which OS2O garment to choose will be resolved. Have a look at it!